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Company culture

The culture and identity of NNE are founded on a set of sound business principles that apply worldwide. We call these principles our Six Essentials. Each of us contributes to building the company by living by these principles in our daily working life.

Six Essentials


Leadership reflects a way of thinking and acting that involves every one of us. It is the courage to push ahead and get things done. To solve problems and get everyone involved. To act as a role model, and to do so with integrity and credibility.


NNE is born and raised in the pharmaceutical industry – it is part of our DNA. Try to see everything from our customers’ perspective. If it does not add value for the customer, it may not have true value at all.


It may be work, but if you do not care whether you work in a bank, in a car factory or in a shop, then you should not be working at NNE. Be passionate about what you do and take pride in providing the best solutions.


Smarter execution means optimising our work, the hours we spend and our performance. It is a question of making everything lean and simple. To seek fast, innovative and reliable solutions designed to purpose.


We recognise and respect differences and strive to make everyone feel at home in our company. The whole idea of being a global company is to be able to activate our global network and expertise towards customers locally.


The challenge is not to set ambitious goals but to deliver on them. When all is said and done, the winner is the organisation that delivers that little bit more in a way that is sustainable in the long term.​

Join our internal university - PEAK

We want our engineers to be at the forefront of industry challenges so opportunities for growth are key. Developed with the world’s most skilled engineers, we offer challenging, relevant and exciting PEAK courses taught by a team of experts following four specific tracks:

Project execution track

Project execution track

Greater demand for agile sites means thinking on your toes and creating new and innovative solutions. Get ready for changes and challenges during the whole process, from design and review to product manufacture.

Technology track

Technology track

Production is only becoming more complex. New products, big batches, more variety, personalised medicine - all demand new technological knowledge. Become a world-class technology expert on our technology track.

GMP track

GMP track

GMP is at our core. To confidently claim that we are best in the business, we are committed to training our engineers to create seamless GMP solutions and help the rest of our organisation include GMP in everything we do.

Consulting track

Consulting track

All our customers have different needs - and we want to understand them. Learn how to ask the right questions, improve collaboration skills and up your interpersonal techniques to drive the best solutions for both our customers and their products. 

Knowledge sharing

NNE employees have a vast amount of collective knowledge. To maximise that knowledge, it has to be accessible. We have 20 communities of interest (COIs) that share stories, know-how and best practice examples. In doing so, we build our own competencies while solving customer issues.

Using the COI network to create customer value “Knowledge sharing within the COIs is the door or the key our customers can use to get to the best solution and the best knowledge at NNE”, Automation Specialist, Christian Miguel-Langstrof.
Why do we have Communities of Interest (COIs)?

Student opportunities

Student opportunities

Are you a student or recent graduate? Take a look through our student opportunities and see how you can kick-start your career in pharma engineering.

Student opportunities
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Learn more

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