Meet our employees

NNE is a one-of-a-kind workplace
full of passionate people.


Affecting change in the world - and having fun while doing it

Senior IT Consultant, Mathias Schaff Gadeberg became an engineer because he wanted to affect change in the world. And working at NNE, providing intelligent and sustainable solution for pharma manufacturers, he does exactly that - and has a lot of fun while doing it.


A development culture based on trust and challenging projects

Validation Engineer, Marwa Adlouni, loves the project-driven work which, combined with trust and support from managers and colleagues, ensure that there are always new challenges and opportunities for growth.


Like being part of a community

For Senior Automation Engineer, Mathias Dahl Sørensen, the best part of working at NNE are the projects. He feels like part of a community, where experienced and new colleagues from many different disciplines come together to solve complex challenges and ultimately reach the same goal.