“Together we achieve great results and develop each other”

There was a steep learning curve for Marwa Adlouni when she joined NNE in late 2020. She continues to grow every day thanks to trust and support from her colleagues. Read on to get her reflections from her first year at NNE.

Marwa-Adlouni_Validation-Engineer_website.jpg"Before joining NNE, I had been in the pharma industry less than three years, but I wanted to do something more challenging. I knew NNE already and thought about using my skills in the company as they did some really exciting things like working on big and complex projects that contribute to new and optimized pharma manufacturing worldwide. I wanted to be part of that, so when NNE looked for a new colleague for its validation department, I applied."

Network and trust from day one

"My first impression coming to NNE was that the onboarding program is great. It helps you to build relationships with colleagues from around the organization already from the start, which means you get a broad network very fast. That means that when you join a new project you already have a network that benefits you when having to reach out for help, sparring and competent feedback when needed.

My manager trusts me to take full responsibility on challenging tasks, which contributes greatly to both my personal and professional development.

The development opportunities are another thing I have noticed. My manager trusts me to take full responsibility on challenging tasks, which contributes greatly to both my personal and professional development. For instance, as one of my first project assignments, I was thrown into an important and exciting role to ensure quality in product-critical systems for a newly build manufacturing facility for one of our biggest customers. It is a really exciting and challenging project, where I got to know a lot of new competent colleagues from across NNE who have supported my development and contributed to my very steep learning curve."

Team attitude

"Overall, I am surprised with the level of development and how fast you learn through the opportunities you are given. That’s something that really makes work interesting for me. Also, the colleagues and the way we work together at NNE is something I really appreciate. We have so many different backgrounds and different strengths and the way we team up to achieve results… I really like that attitude. There’s a great team spirit and I know I can always ask colleagues for support or advice – or help them – so we together can achieve great results."


Educational background

M Sc. Pharmaceutical Design & Engineering
Technical University of Denmark, 2017

B. Sc. Biotechnology
Technical University of Denmark, 2015

NNE history

Validation Engineer
2020 - ongoing

Validation at NNE

NNE's Validation department consists of about 30 employees who combine experience in production processes and product development within GMP, to help our customers with:

  • Risk assessment of products and processes
  • Equipment testing and qualification
  • Equipment challenge and process validation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cleaning validation
  • Implementation of quality management systems


Do you want to be Marwa's colleague?

Do you want to be Marwa's colleague?

We are looking for grow our validation team in Denmark. If you think you might fit in, we would love to hear from you.

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Shaping the future of pharma facilties

Shaping the future of pharma facilties

As validation engineer at NNE, you will be an integral part of our projects and play an important role in shaping the pharma facilities of the future.

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Working at NNE

Working at NNE

At NNE, we offer a dynamic working environment, exciting projects, opportunities for growth and a network of amazing colleagues.

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