Building bridges between generations

NNE has a diverse crowd of experienced engineers, young engineers, and technical experts. By working together, the possibilities to change and develop the organization are endless.

One initiative driven from the younger talent pool includes NNEGen. Started by Ditte Højberg Møller, Manager of Process Automation, this group has opened the floor for new and young employees to make an impact on NNE’s corporate culture.

To learn more, we caught up with Junior Automation Engineer Jesper Schultz Fredsted, who just hit his one-year milestone at the company. “NNEGen is a small project that looks at both NNE as an organization and at our employees. We come from two viewpoints – one is the generational perspective and trying to build a bridge between youngsters such as me, Samer and Jakob, and those with a lot of experience. People that have been here for 25 years have a whole different viewpoint on how to work, do daily tasks and everything about being in a company, compared to those who have come straight from university or with a few years of experience.”

The group hopes to inspire the organization and build a stronger dialogue and cross-disciplinary culture through internal articles that focus on what motivates today’s generation of engineers. They also have other projects in the pipeline that they hope will push NNE into a new era.

“GEN also stands for genetics - such as how we go through our daily lives and projects. We see how we can improve things or perhaps do them in a different way. We work primarily in the pharma industry, which can be a bit conservative, so the core goal is to keep the company modern and fluid and our days easier and more intuitive.”

From the perspective of an experienced employee, Mogens Larsson, Senior Advisor to Automation and IT, thinks the discussion driven by NNEGen can only be positive for the future of NNE. “It's important to keep moving to be an attractive company to work in. We need to be prepared for the change in culture that comes with new generations and to gain from the good vibes from our new young employees, but also to secure that our older and more experienced employees still feel as valued as ever.

To do that, we need to see possible new ways to do our daily work and take in new thoughts on work-life balance. This will help us meet our future organizational needs and manage a highly motivated and skilled organization in an excellent way.

For that we now have NNEGen, a young group of engineers that have a new perspective on our organization and therefore an ability to question what we do and how we do it. Not necessarily to change it, but to get the discussion going and wonder how we can improve things”.