Manufacturing intelligence academy

Take your data science and data engineering to the next level through our manufacturing intelligence academy. Quickly harness the benefits of data, use simpler analytical methods, and make it easier to combine outputs with mechanistic knowledge.

Manufacturing Intelligence Academy

Intro to data engineering

To gain insight from data you must first get access to data! Join our free course in data engineering and learn how to connect your data sources for data-driven value creation.

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Why choose NNE as your course provider?

As consultants, we see many pharmaceutical companies battling through the Manufacturing Intelligence jungle and investing major resources to collect a huge amount of data and make it available in a cloud. The underlying belief is that black box data mining will do the "magic" later.

Unfortunately, this costly, time-consuming strategy fails to build on existing process knowledge and results in a lot of data "noise" with little data value.

Through NNE's Manufacturing Intelligence Academy, learn how to avoid these pitfalls by applying simple, unified approaches that work for any process or data type and build up a toolbox to create value from manufacturing data. Plus, our module-based course program allows you to take exactly what you need, when you need it.