Operational Design of Experiments

Next course: 11 November 2021

Operational process understanding is the basis for ensuring high quality and yield. The most efficient method to obtain process understanding is through designed experiments!
This course and will enable you to perform both screening and response surface Design of Experiments (DoE). Furthermore, this course will cover model reduction and interpretation of DoE results.

You will learn to establish relationships between critical quality attributes (CQA) and critical process indicators (CPI). Knowing these relationships is a prerequisite for product design, process optimization and process control.

The course consists of a practical screening and response surface DoE exercise. After the exercises, you will learn to analyze and validate the obtained data.


This course will cover

  • Definitive screening DoE
  • Finding critical factors in definitive screening DoE
  • Reusing definitive screening DoE as model DoE
  • Response surface model DoE
  • Modeling RSM DoE


Basic Statistics, Data Quality and Statistical Modelling course or similar prior knowledge


The software used in this course is JMP from SAS and the instructors will demonstrate all the exercises in JMP. If you are currently not a JMP user, we recommend you install JMP on your computer before participating in the course. A free 30-day trial can be found in JMP homepage. If you need assistance in installing JMP or have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to academy@nne.com.

If you are using another statistical tool, we can arrange a course using your preferred tool. Contact us to hear more about this possibility.


Venue: NNE's headquarters, Bredevej 2, 2830, Virum, Denmark

Price: DKK 5,000 + VAT (includes course materials, refreshments and lunch)

Language of instruction: The course will be held in English unless all participants speak and understand Danish

Duration: 1 day (08:30-16:30)

Course dates:

  • 11 November 2021

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