Designing pharma manufacturing facilities

Pharma facility design is one of NNE's key services. With many years of experience dedicated solely to the pharma and biotech industry, our broad expertise and interdisciplinary approach to facility design enables us to deliver holistic solutions within:

  • Cleanroom
  • cGMP facilities
  • Biocontainment facilities
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) facilities
  • Testing and qualification

When hiring NNE to design your pharma facility, you can be sure that factors such as compliance, sustainability and logistics support your process in the best possible way.

Future-proof pharma facilities

We design future-proof pharma facilities with a focus on compliance in GMP and containment, energy efficiency, logistics, and creating an efficient, functional layout with an optimal working environment. Our conceptual, basic and detailed design services include process layout, user requirement specifications and architectural concepts – all with GMP in mind.

Our specialists support you all the way, from strategy and commissioning to selecting and implementing new technology. In addition, NNE has all engineering services in-house, so our team can provide you with robust facility solutions all the way trhough your project.

This includes:

  • Integrated concepts and design of cGMP pharma facilities
  • Pharmaceutical facility design that focuses on fast implementation, high flexibility, regulatory compliance and cost
  • Concepts and design of laboratory facilities focusing on lean operations
  • Facility design based on sustainable solutions, flexible cleanroom solutions, optimization of flows and logistics, HVAC and containment
  • Seamless quality and GMP compliance

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