NNE is an international company specialized in pharma engineering. We help pharmaceutical companies bring products to market by providing flexible, compliant and future-proof solutions. We have close to 2,000 professionals delivering global knowledge and best practices, of which 160 are located in the United States. All are dedicated to supporting our customers globally and on local sites.

NNE’s employees bring their technical knowledge to life by solving complex engineering challenges for our customers every day. As a member of our tribe of helpful and ambitious experts, you can look forward to a career of solving the insolvable.

We are constantly looking for new talent to make us best in class. Are you up for the challenge?

Meet our employees

Martin Kockx

Automation Engineer

Martin Kockx highlights the varied work and the opportunities for personal and professional development as some of his favorite things working at NNE.

Melvin Chen

Process Engineer

Melvin Chen found his calling in the pharma industry. He likes working in a project-driven environment as it allows him to be involved in different aspects of the engineering lifecycle and dig into how things really work.

Kanch Sridhar

Automation Engineer

Kanch Sridhar loves to hike and finds a lot of common denominators between hiking and working as an automation engineer, where every new project has its own challenges.

Thomas Sørensen

Automation Engineer

To Thomas Sørensen, the most fun and exciting part of being an automation engineer within the pharma industry is seeing the completed machine in operation, producing medicines, and knowing that he has been part of programming that machine.

Andrea Liess Karlsson

Project Portfolio Manager

Project Portfolio Manager, Andrea Liess Karlsson, enjoys working for a company that specialises in pharma engineering, because, as she says, “an engineering project can sometimes feel very distant from whatever comes out of it, but when you work in the life science industry, you feel that connection with your end user”.