Working for NNE in the USA

Headquartered in Clayton, NC, the US branch of NNE tackles a wide variety of projects across the world of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. With a focus on customer success and making a positive impact in the community, NNE US employs process engineers, automation engineers and many other technical positions to identify solutions and help pharmaceutical companies bring products to the market.

But what does NNE US actually work on? The truth of the matter is - it depends where you look.

On the Automation side of things, we are working toward an entirely digital journey with an in-house engineering tool that enables the manipulation, storage, and transfer of data. The team works to automize and digitize drawings onto a searchable database for general maintenance and ease of use. The goal? To establish an internal site of information for current optimization and future projects.

Just around the corner from the Automation side, we see product production through from start to finish. The team lends their skills to a variety of facilities including bulk production, quality control, and packaging—but our work isn’t done until we’ve sampled the product for safety, prepared samples and applied for FDA approval!

Moving to the construction side of things, we work to turn 3D models and virtual engineering into reality. Our team aids in providing process development and the manufacturing of biologics as well as manages document control, coordinates onboarding/IT, and assists in moving projects toward completion.

In addition to these projects, NNE USA also adapts to meet community need. Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, our team is working to support accelerated vaccine production as well as design facilities that can generate the vaccines in large quantities.

Every process has a last step—and ours is our quality control and packaging department. The team works to assemble products, print packaging, and keep the quality control equipment up to date.

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