Employee benefits in the USA

For our USA employees, we offer the following benefits:

401k retirement savings - NNE makes a contribution equal to 8% of the employee’s pay into their retirement and will match an additional 1% when the employee contributes just 2% or more of their pay into the plan

Paid time off (PTO) – Employees will accrue PTO hours on each of their pay periods with the potential to accrue a maximum (with a full work year) of the following amounts below. Accrual hours increase with specified years of service.

  • 0-5 service years - 160 hours annual accrual
  • 5-10 service years - 200 hours annual accrual
  • 10+ service years  -240 hours annual accrual

Holidays – Company closings on nine (9) standard holidays

Flex time (excludes sales, managers, consultants, directors, hourly employees and administrative) – any billable hours that are worked over the “business working hours” in a week will put into the employee’s flex account. Flex hours may be utilized as unbillable compensation and scheduled cashed out periods to be rolled over from year to year. For example: On the standard thanksgiving week (a 3 day work week ) flex hours begins after only 24 hours

Comprehensive health coverage:

  • Medical insurance:   Multiple plan options provided with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) that are HSA eligible.
  • Dental insurance:  Competitive plan option with 100% preventative coverage.
  • Vision insurance

Flexible spending account (FSA) is available

There are also a variety 100% employee paid vender benefit offerings available for consideration