Engineer opportunities

Our engineers are involved in many exciting projects and work hard to find solutions to complex challenges both in small and large teams. Depending on the type of engineer you want to be, you will work closely with our customers, determine their needs and be involved in many different phases of projects, from early design to handover.

Job types

Automation engineer

Automation engineers control intricate pharmaceutical processes, navigate complicated regulatory requirements or give design solutions. They develop and integrate control systems, equipment, and instrumentation for complex processes used in pharma manufacturing.

Process engineer

Our process engineers develop, design, optimize and implement scalable processes for pharma manufacturing. Working closely with customers to determine their requirements, they select and qualify equipment and determine critical parameters for efficient and compliant production in cGMP environments.

Quality and validation engineer

These engineers help our customers comply with national and international regulations. They provide guidance and plans, as well as develop programs for validation and remediation. They also provide risk and GAP assessments and implement validation and quality programs across all disciplines within pharma companies.

Mechanical engineer

These specify and design process equipment used in pharma manufacturing. They execute projects within process systems, clean and black utility, components, vessel and equipment in cGMP environments. They work closely with our customers to determine their requirements and needs. They are involved in all phases in a project from early design to start-up activities and handover.

HVAC engineer

As an engineer in our HVAC department, you will be working with design, specification, supervision, commissioning and handover of ventilation systems and building utility systems. You will participate in all phases of projects, and work in both large project groups and more independently in smaller groups.

Electrical engineer

Our electrical engineers work in smaller or larger interdisciplinary project environments. Their work spans from conceptual design to execution and handover to the customers. It also includes consultancy, specification, procurement, design, supervision as well as commissioning and qualification of installations.

Career progression

Junior engineer

Our junior engineers work together on medium to large sized projects, supervised by senior or lead engineers. They deliver single task solutions and solve tasks independently.


Our engineers conduct project work in medium to large sized projects with senior or lead engineers. They solve tasks independently, or alternatively work independently or with other engineers on small projects.

Senior engineer

Our senior engineers conduct project work in all project sizes and phases. They solve tasks independently and to the highest degree of complexity. They also ensure interfaces to and coordination with other disciplines.

Lead engineer

These engineers lead and manage different professional areas in all project sizes and phases. They ensure consistency of work, quality/reviews and compliance with codes and regulations. They are part of the project management team with responsibility for the overall outcome of the professional area.

More opportunities

Project manager opportunities

Project manager opportunities

Project managers are NNE’s main interface with our customers. As a project manager, you are a team leader who is vital for controlling the execution of a project, and ultimately making sure that our customers are satisfied.

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Specialist opportunities

Specialist opportunities

As a specialist at NNE, you work closely with our customers to determine their needs, select and qualify equipment, and determine critical parameters for efficient and GMP compliant production.

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