Introduction to Data Engineering

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To gain insight from data you must first get access to data! Join our course in data engineering and learn how to connect your data sources for data-driven value creation.

This course will focus on databases relevant for manufacturing processes and give examples on how to interact with the relevant types of databases – both on-premise and in the cloud.

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Choose the appropriate database – linking data source to data consumer whilst staying focused on value creation
  • Differentiate between the multiple layers of contextualization
  • Harvest the benefits of interlinked data sources by connecting data silos in a flexible way using graph db
  • Assess the benefits and pitfalls of moving to cloud solutions
  • Connect additional data points using IIoT solutions to gain new insight from legacy systems or add new sensors “on the fly”


Venue: Virtual or NNE's headquarters, Bredevej 2, 2830, Virum, Denmark

Price: Free

Language of instruction: The course will be held in English unless all participants speak and understand Danish

Duration: 4 hours (08:30-12:30)

Next course: May 5th 2021



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