Pharma facility optimization

Cost-effective drug manufacturing processes that balance stability with flexibility are necessary to survive in the highly competitive pharma industry. NNE can help you reach and maintain optimal pharma manufacturing and service delivery. We apply a deep understanding of your operational and implementation context combined with clear understanding of contraints and opportunities related to:

  • regulatory requirements
  • quality
  • technology
  • organization

NNE helps pharma customers manage challenges across manufacturing facilities, pilot plants and laboratories with optimization support, e.g.:

  • Ramp-up and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) optimization
  • Pharma organizational change management
  • Compliance gap analysis and assessment
  • Structuring of problem solving
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Continuous improvement and waste elimination – Lean
  • Improving quality and reducing defects – Six Sigma

Optimize cost-effectiveness with operational excellence

Operational excellence is a key driver when we increase the efficiency and quality of ongoing operation through ramp-up, optimization and problem solving. Striving for operational excellence, we can help you deal with common challenges such as:

  • Inability to control processes
  • Poor process understanding
  • Lack of product understanding
  • Unreliable results in production measures
  • Product QC released with unhappy customer
  • Product design not robust to variation in production
  • Scrap and low yield
  • Reduction of QC testing costs
  • Trouble defining quality requirements
  • Quality issues when offshoring production
  • Difficulties anchoring optimization projects
  • Operators change process settings when it is not necessary
  • Operators keep process settings when change is necessary
  • Differing opinions on what is critical
  • Lengthy product release