Virtual pharma engineering: Remote design reviews using VR

Improve efficiency and make strong design decisions virtually with remote design reviews.

NNE now offers remote 1:1 design review solutions based on an interactive VR multiuser framework. These allow multiple users to enter or review the same VR mock-up environment from different locations (and across borders).

Our XR team are currently working on and testing three different scenarios (illustrated below). To keep momentum in projects, scenario one was used in March 2020 and NNE has since successfully hosted two more remote VR design reviews. Read on to learn about the different setups and some tips for a successful virtual design review meeting.

Scenario one

One Remote VR “puppet” + Teams/Skype (Only the VR user gets the “full” VR experience)

  • One user in VR (from NNE)
  • The same user also joins the session locally with a PC (desktop build)
  • The PC then screenshares on Teams/Skype
  • The viewers then guide the VR user



Scenario two

2 to 4 VR users + Teams/Skype (Multiple users get the “full” VR experience)

  • 2-4 users in VR (at different locations)
  • One observer PC which screenshares on Teams/Skype
  • The viewers then guide the observer and the VR users



Scenario three

2 to 4 VR users + X observers (Multiple users get the “full” VR experience) 

  • 2-4 users in VR (at different locations)
  • X observer PCs with the latest PC build installed
  • The observers then freely choose what and who to spectate 



How to prepare for VR in design review meetings

Since VR can be a new experience for many, below are some tips to save time and help your meetings run smoothly.

  • Be prepared for the meeting: Bring someone who knows how to handle the VR tool.
  • Reserve a large room for the VR user(s). They need space to move around!
  • Bring the right people to the room, such as machine operators who can check the design in terms of operability and maintainability.
  • Consider having two VR meetings – one for prep and one for serious questions and decisions. For new users, this can be quite a novel experience, and they may need to try it more than once to overcome distractions.

Please contact our XR Digital Design team leader Peter Nygaard at for more information.