New pilot plant for small volume parenterals within limited space

Centocor - the R&D division of Johnson & Johnson - needed a new facility for small volume parenterals (SVPs) built onto its existing site. NNE’s innovative and creative approach led to the successful development of an optimal new facility.

In order to have sufficient capacity for pilot plant production, Centocor decided to build a new facility directly onto an existing building. The new site produces bulk and pre-filled syringes as well as liquid and freeze-dried vials in pilot scale.

Aware of NNE’s reputation for extensive process and equipment know-how in the production of SVPs and, in particular, in fill and finish technology, the company called on NNE to assist in the process design, equipment selection and engineering of the new site layout.

Optimal solution despite limited space

With on-going, in-depth and close communication with Centocor, NNE’s experts achieved an optimum layout solution - despite the key challenge of limited available space. NNE carefully designed all process areas to ensure future easy maintenance of the systems from non-GMP areas and floor space was reduced to a minimum, which maximized process areas. NNE’s creative and innovative approach was key to making this project a success.


Quick facts



Project duration
Sep. 2004 – Jun. 2007

600 m2

Services provided
Conceptual design, basic design, detailed design, installation management and commissioning management