Sustainable design for pharma production facilities

A full lifecycle carbon footprint overview helps you make sustainable choices

Our carbon footprint estimator helps customers make sustainable decisions. This tool gives pharma manufacturers an estimate on how much CO2e their facility emits throughout its full lifecycle.

Our estimations look at the related CO2e emissions for the entire facility lifecycle and are based on data related to the building, the process, and utilities. This means we don't just look at the operational facility, but also take into account facility construction and demolition.

Our carbon footprint estimator team offer three types of analyses to help you reduce your carbon footprint:


Identify hotspots, i.e. what are the key areas where you can reduce CO2e emission significantly and/or with minimal effort


Compare the carbon footprint of two or more design options


Evaluate the effect of a decision (e.g. changing from open to closed processes)

Want an estimate of your project's carbon footprint?

Regardless of the size of your pharma project, our sustainability consultants can help you make informed decisions to bring down your carbon footprint. Contact us today to learn more.

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