Supporting capacity extension of infusion solution facility

Widatra Bhakti was running into capacity problems at its infusion solution facility. Based on its long-term relationship with NNE, the company got the facility extension it needed, while meeting the demands of new authority requirements.

Infusion solution company Widatra Bhakti’s existing production capacity was too small to cover all its market needs. Having worked successfully with NNE for over 20 years, the company now needed a combination of engineering and consulting support to implement an extension.

Mid-project regulatory change requires creative approach

Working together, Widatra Bhakti and the NNE team agreed on a solution for the design and delivery of the main process equipment on a turnkey basis. For the qualification and validation of the new extension, the team provided consulting support to help the company help itself. In two workshops and based on the validation master plan prepared by NNE, Widatra Bhakti’s staff was trained in the preparation and execution of the necessary documents and plans.

A challenge during the project execution was a changed authority requirement for the sterilization process at the end of the engineering phase. The NNE team supported the company in finding a technical solution to address this issue, while taking into consideration the company’s product needs.

A strong relationship over time

With a relationship going back to the original facility built in 1984, there was a great deal of team spirit and good communication across the whole project team.

The new extension passed its authority inspection in June 2007. Due to the fast and successful project execution, Widatra Bhakti called on NNE again in 2008 to support in establishing a greenfield infusion solutions plant.

Quick facts


PT Widatra Bhakti




Project duration

Feb. 2006 – Jun. 2007

Services provided

Consulting, basic design, detailed design, procurement and turnkey delivery of main process equipment, validation master plan, qualification training