Joint team delivers fast-track optimization of API facility

LEO Pharma is an independent, research-based pharmaceutical company and one of the world’s leading companies within the treatment of dermatological diseases. In a joint effort with NNE, the company modernized and optimized its API production.

In 2009, LEO Pharma decided to upgrade its production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) Fucidin®. With the overall goal of ensuring compliance and security of supply, the objective was to bring the production area to a fully modernized level in terms of safety and working environment.

Unique collaboration approach

NNE was brought in as project consultant to assist LEO Pharma’s own project and engineering department in the Fucidin® API facility upgrade. Based on previous projects, the two companies are very familiar with each other’s ways of working and know exactly in which areas they supplement each other. With that in mind, LEO Pharma had a great basis for assembling an effective project team and for having all resources in-house. NNE was able to provide specialists in all areas, where LEO Pharma needed assistance.

Together, we succeeded in creating a close-knit project team that did not distinguish between NNE people and LEO Pharma’s own engineering department, but worked as a united entity throughout the project.

Thorough planning equals fast execution

In order to ensure that the project was structured optimally from the beginning - and to generate a mutual overview of the project - the team created an object breakdown structure (OBS) forming the basis for the document production and later execution. The refurbishment itself was done over eight weeks in the summer of 2010, as a cross-disciplinary and fast-track project mutually executed by NNE and LEO Pharma.

With only a few months’ stock of Fucidin®, it was crucial that the necessary shutdown period was kept to an absolute minimum. Due to meticulous planning and coordination and involvement from all project areas, the shutdown lasted only 10 weeks, and LEO Pharma was able to re-start production earlier than expected.

A facility fit for the future

The project entailed renovation of production areas and technical rooms as well as conversion of the existing office facilities into open and bright office spaces in a modern design. In connection with the upgrade of the production processes, work was focused on powder handling, aseptic handling of inoculation tanks and health, safety and environment (HSE). Also, equipment and piping was dismantled and renovated. Using LEO Pharma’s own quality assurance system, we also assisted in the quality assurance of the project.

The upgrade means that LEO Pharma’s production quality is up-to-date compared to current demands, and that its office spaces have a much more modern feel. Also, transport routes to and from the production were optimized and a better working environment was obtained.

Quick facts


LEO Pharma A/S



Project duration

Feb. 2010 – Jun. 2010 (design)
Jul. 2010 – Aug. 2010 (construction/qualification)

Man hours (total project)

60,000 (621 persons received construction site safety instructions)

Services provided

Engineering within process, mechanical, HVAC, structural and electrical disciplines, architectural layout, project qualification support, procurement, site supervision, construction and site safety management