From food to pharma – bringing outside perspectives to challenge the status quo

Julie Kofoed Malmberg works in NNE’s Compliance Consulting department, where she’s putting her skills as dairy engineer to good use. Yes, you read that right. While a pharma engineering company may not be the obvious choice of workplace for a dairy engineer, it’s a match made in heaven. Find out why.


Falling for pharma

Since I came from the food tech industry, pharma wasn’t a given first choice, but because I had a friend working at Novo Nordisk (editor’s note: NNE’s parent company and biggest customer), I looked into the industry and its opportunities. I also had experience working with customers and projects, and I knew that that was a field I thrived in. So, the combination of large-scale production industry and its demands and opportunities, the prospect of a diverse work week, and the possibility of customer relations, made me apply at NNE. But also because I could see that my educational background could offer something to the job.

The combination of large-scale production industry and its demands and opportunities, the prospect of a diverse work week, and the possibility of customer relations, made me apply at NNE.

Julie Kofoed Malmberg, Compliance Consultant

Leveraging technical knowledge to optimize and challenge solutions

The dairy industry has many similarities to the pharma industry in relation to the processes, technology and the high quality demands. Both industries are huge in Denmark, and both are known worldwide for its high quality.

As a Dairy Engineer you are educated to understand and monitor the whole lifecycle of a production process, from the quality of the raw material to the final product and its end-user.

Personally, what I specifically can contribute with, is outside perspectives. The food industry is very automated compared to the pharma industry but uses many of the same technologies. This gives the opportunity to challenge well-known technologies with new, smarter or other solutions to solve problems or push existing solutions. 

A workplace characterized by variety and openness

I like the diversity of my assignments, everything from facilitating workshops, managing projects, running hands-on test activities, and supporting smaller and larger projects. I enjoy the possibility of having more assignments at once, hence no weeks look the same, and you cooperate with many different people, both colleagues and customers.

What has surprised me most about NNE as a workplace, is how open everyone here is to new ideas and new ways of thinking. This is shown both in the people that are hired and in the types of capabilities we as a company can provide. NNE takes a chance on people, and that says a lot to me!


Educational background

Sc. Dairy Science & Technology
University of Copenhagen, 2017

Sc. Food Science/Food Engineering
University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark, 2014

NNE journey

Consultant, Compliance Consulting
Jan. 2022 – Present

Junior Consultant, Compliance Consulting
Sep. 2020 - Jan. 2022

Compliance Consulting at NNE

NNE’s Compliance Consulting department has around 25 professionals who support our pharma and biotech customers with strategic GMP solutions and work with them to identify, co-create and anchor the most optimal GMP solution.


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Working at NNE

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