Pharma engineering abbreviations cheat sheet

Like all other specialized industries, pharmaceutical engineering lingo is full of abbreviations. This can make it difficult to understand for people who haven't spent most of their lives in the industry. We have gathered the ones our experts use the most in the table below.


 Antibody Drug Conjugates


 Acceptable Daily Exposure


 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


 Atmosphere Explosible (or Explosive)


 Building Automation System


 Building Module Diagram


 Building Management System


 Black Utility


 Compressed Air


 Computer Aided Design


 Centre for Biologics Evaluation and Research (FDA)


 Continuous Bioprocessing


 Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA)


 Current Good Manufacturing Practice




 Controlled Not Classified


 Continuous Processing


 Critical Process Parameter


 Continued Process Verification  


 Critical Quality Attributes


 Clean Utility


 Drug Product


 European Compliance Academy


 European Medicine Agency


 European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products


 Electromagnetic Interference


 Equipment Module Specification


 Enterprise Resource Planning


 Factory Acceptance Test


 Food and Drug Administration


 Good Automated Manufacturing Practice


 Good Clinical Practice


 Good Documentation Practice / Good Distribution Practice


 Genetically Modified Organism


 Good Manufacturing Practice


 Good Test Practice


 Highly Purified Water


 Health, Safety and Environment


 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning


 International Conference of Harmonization


 International Organization for Standardization


 Injection Sterile Plant


 International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers


 Monoclonal Antibody


 Manufacturing Execution System


 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution


 Oral Solid Dosage (tablets/capsules)


 Occupational Safety and Health Administration


 Process Analytical Technology


 Process Control System


 Parenteral Drug Association (USA)


 Process Module Diagram


 Purified Steam


 Process Design Specification


 Purified Water


 Quality Assurance 


 Quality by design


 Quality Control


 Restricted Access Barrier System


 Site Acceptance Test


 Safety, Health, Environment




 Standard Operating Procedure


 Statistical Process Control


 Single-Use Systems


 Single-Use Technology


 User Requirement Specification


 Water For Injection