GMP Gap Analysis for pharma facilities

GMP regulations are updated continuously, warning letters are issued every week and the demand for high quality products is ever increasing. It is vital to stay on top of cGMP and protect your facility’s license to operate.

What are the benefits?

A GMP gap analysis evaluates whether your current facility meets cGMP requirements and is a great way to lower risk and bolster decision making for future revamp or optimization projects.

By knowing the state of your facility and current regulatory demands, your company can prioritize changes to get the most effective output.

Why hire NNE's consultants?

NNE's experts are industry leaders in pharma engineering and cGMP. If you decide to use our GMP Gap Analysis service, Over the course of six weeks, our consultants will review your facility, prepare a report of compliance, and present the gap analysis outcome.

In addition, our consultants offer concrete advice on how to handle both desired and required changes.

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