Biotech and active pharmaceutical ingredients

Our support to biotech/API manufacturers covers the complete lifecycle of the product, from the initial idea to optimizing the operation of established commercial manufacturing facilities. This includes applying our manufacturing experience into facility design, based on a combination of in-depth knowledge within:

  • Process
  • Quality
  • Facility
  • Automation
  • Project delivery

For more than 80 years, NNE has helped customers manage challenges related to biotech and API development and production, e.g.:

  • Establishing compliant, cost-effective facilities
  • Ensuring successful project execution on time and within budget
  • Minimizing downtime when revamping running facilities
  • Supporting flexible, fast and modular manufacturing
  • Preparing for future changes in the product portfolio
  • Introducing new technologies in a safe and controlled manner
  • Preparing for seamless audits
  • Applying industry standards for qualification and validation activities
  • Making the right manufacturing decisions based on thorough analysis of a broad range of options
  • Creating strategies to apply the right level of automation
  • Implementing effective quality control systems
  • Implementing control strategies with focus on product quality
  • Supporting cost-effective and compliant daily operation

Bio on demand™ - flexible biomanufacturing facilities with single-use technology

NNE has developed a flexible facility design for biotech API manufacturing facilities. We call it Bio on demand™. The concept offers the following benefits:

  • Open process architecture
  • Process bay design
  • Risk mitigation
  • High level of flexibility
  • Multiproduct facility: fast change-over
  • Optimal ergonomics and workflow
  • Full facility lifecycle

NNE's Bio on demand™ facilities are based on easily deployable units, which can be built wherever a biopharmaceutical company’s supply chain dictates. The flexibility and design of the units enable you to create a facility that meets your specific technical, operational and regulatory requirements. And you are able to rapidly respond to changing market needs with an affordable, turnkey facility.


Bio on demand™ facilities are strategically configured to your biotech process and facility situation based on a library of standard functional modules. The module design provides you with the flexibility to change direction and introduce new products and new processes into the market.