Automation and IT support and maintenance

At NNE, we provide engineering and maintenance services to make sure that your automation and IT systems run smoothly at all times. We offer strong long-term operational support related to:

  • Service operations (helpdesk, on-site support and hypercare, preventive and predictive maintenance, installations and upgrades, change management/local and revalidation
  • Service transition (knowledge management, software releases and patches, configuration management, asset lifecycle management (spare parts management))
  • Service design (installations and upgrades, maintenance of SOPs)
  • Service strategy (QA and compliance support, training and education)

Smooth implementation of robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) – also called software robots – is all about supporting you in your daily work. RPA can bring value in all levels of production – from small day-to-day tasks like automatically filling in a template to large work processes like reconstruction of process equipment and material assesment, RPA can help you optimize processing times.

If you are looking into implementing – or extending your use of – software robots, NNE can help you:

  • Analyze and evaluate new possibilities for automated solutions
  • Select the right RPA technology
  • Produce process design documentation and solution design documentation
  • Develop and test high quality code

We strive to create an agile working environment in order to create value through iterative development.

No cure, no pay

Our service philosophy is that we only win when you win. This means that we can enter agreements where we only get paid when you achieve e.g. a reduced project cost or savings on operational cost.