Automation and IT consulting and front-end design

At NNE, we know that automation and IT technologies must be carefully aligned with business goals and that technology needs to interact with people and business processes to create real business value.

We provide our customers with the right know-how, the right analyses and the right solutions for automation and IT technologies to address challenges and harness opportunities.

Bringing automation and IT solutions into pharmaceutical production plants offers many challenges. We help you introduce new solutions such as electronic batch records (EBR), process analytical technology (PAT), and continuous process verification (CPV) in your plant or in your company. We help you to achieve solutions that are practical and feasible to build, operate, maintain and modify as needs and regulations change.

Finding the right answers to the right questions

There are lots of important considerations when building facilities, acquiring systems or managing technologies: 

  • What is the right level of automation and IT?
  • How do I keep my data in control according to ALCOA (Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original and Accurate) as defined by FDA?
  • How do I get benefit from all those gigabytes worth of data I collect from my production each day?
  • What about cyber security?
  • How do I operate, support and govern my systems and keep them in a validated state

At NNE we work to find the best answers to these questions every day. We work with a lot of different pharma customers and have substantial knowledge of best practices.

We can help with:

  • Automation and IT strategies
  • Automation and IT conceptual designs
  • Application strategies (e.g. EBR)
  • Governance strategies
  • Lifecycle planning and migrations strategies
  • System and vendor selection
  • IT infrastructure strategy and design
  • Workflow and SOP planning
  • Automation and IT operational excellence
  • Automation and IT cGMP assessments
  • Automation and IT security assessments
  • Computer systems compliance
  • Computer systems validation strategies

Our consulting and design services are tailored to help our pharma and biotech customers achieve maximum benefit from automation and manufacturing IT technologies.