Urgent capacity increase with multi-product line

Co-creation, team collaboration and simultaneous project phases are helping this customer add a multi-product line in this urgent capacity expansion project.

Customer challenge

Due to rapid growth in demand for their product, our customer needs to increase capacity with a new multi-product line ready for 2021. The overall time schedule for the project is extremely tight and any delays will have a critical impact.

Our solution

Urgency has been the guiding star in this project, so NNE focused on quickly finding ways to move forward and find solutions. The first few weeks of the Conceptual Design were with a limited customer team to identify long-lead items and start an early dialogue with contractors and suppliers, and solutions were selected quickly and efficiently in co-creative workshops. Basic Design activities also started as early as possible, with a decision log to quickly share closed decisions and open topics.

To stay true to the timeline, several project phases ran simultaneously, with Basic Design activities starting in July 2020 and Detailed Design activities straight after the summer. Ten weeks into the project, the team proved their ability to rapidly move forward – collaborating efficiently between operations, the customer and the NNE project team to evaluate all solution scenarios for functionality and execution.

Fact box



Project duration
Expected 12 months


Services provided
Detailed design, procurement, construction management, validation, automation and IT