Local knowledge yields strategic, cost-effective Chinese enzyme facility

In a competitive environment, enzyme production must be as cost efficient as possible. Thanks to our longstanding presence in China, NNE was able to build a production facility for Novozymes within local cost constraints to supply enzymes to support the growing market.

On 27 November 2006, a production facility that makes enzymes was inaugurated in Hongda, 80 kilometres northwest of Shanghai. Built by NNE for Novozymes and Suzhou Hongda Enzyme Company, the facility is a perfect example of using local resources to have a global impact.

Longstanding local presence is key

The investment cost of this enzyme production facility was a significant factor in this project. Another important element was purchasing, as the majority of the facility’s process equipment came from local suppliers.

In both respects, the project benefited from NNE’s 10-plus years of experience with Chinese engineering and construction projects. Its local presence and acquaintance with the best local suppliers and contractors helped keep prices down and the timeframe short – with the project realized in just 18 months.

High-quality, cost-efficient GMP facility

The project was executed by NNE’s Chinese subsidiary and included detail design, purchasing, equipment supervision, construction management and project management.

Using the latest design technology – including sophisticated 3D design tools for cross-checking – and state-of-the-art products produced in China, the end result was a high-quality enzyme production facility that met or surpassed all expectations.

Quick facts


Novozymes Biotechnology Co., Ltd



Total investment cost

USD 13.4 million

Services provided

Conceptual design study, basic design, detailed design, procurement, equipment supervision, construction management, project management, testing and commissioning