Greenfield fill finish facility for multi-product CMO

Through a series of virtual workshops, our highly experienced lead team delivered a robust conceptual design for the fill finish facility combined with the latest technology to ensure success and longevity for the future.

Customer challenge

Our customer needed a conceptual design for a greenfield filling facility. The aseptic drug fill finish is currently outsourced, with the client wishing to bring this critical process in house to provide end-to-end capabilities on one site. The solution must be scalable to allow for expansion and additional capacity in the future.

Our solution

NNE executed the multidisciplinary CD with 6 workshops and several meetings. Due to Covid-19, 90% of these were conducted virtually. Between each workshop, there were touch point meetings between NNE and customer project managers to capture main points and outstanding ele­ments related to the next workshop.

Each workshop focused on different aspects of the project to guide the customer through several considerations and decisions. This helped to drive progress and quickly execute the CD on time and in the right order.


Quick facts





Project duration

12 weeks

Services provided

Conceptual Design