AWS cloud saves 100+ hours for Novo Nordisk Global IT

Read how NNE helped Novo Nordisk Global IT move their Real Time Failure Diagnostics (RTFD) to a serverless cloud setup; a solution capable of scaling fast as the user base grows - without affecting performance for existing users.

Real-time failure diagnostics are important in the GMP world, but Novo Nordisk’s Global IT team were using significant resources on this ongoing task. Using graphs, they had to manually determine limits for abnormal behaviour on over 300 pieces of equipment per production line.

To improve this, NNE worked together with an internal team from Novo Nordisk to build, design and implement an automated serverless cloud infrastructure in AWS. This included building a new, scaleable frontend application: a high quality, user-friendly dashboard that visualizes how different production lines perform over time and reports any abnormal behaviour. The dashboard is also available in multiple languages – useful in an international company with employees based all over the world.

By automating manual processes and combining them with machine learning algorithms, the RTFD team can now support more than 60 teams with just 5 employees, saving significant resources for Novo Nordisk.

Key benefits:

  • Customer implementation time reduced from 120 hours to less than 2 hours.
  • Infrastructure is now capable of supporting >10 times more users.
  • New frontend means it is always up to date with newest features, future-proofing the RTFD.
  • IT maintenance costs significantly lowered.

Quick facts


Novo Nordisk IT



Project duration

3-6 months

Services provided

Manufacturing intelligence, digitalisation


Amazon Web Services data architecture