Future-proof AWS data architecture solution for Novo Nordisk D&S

To get more from their data, Novo Nordisk's Devices and Supply Chain Management (D&S) team wished to correlate their corporate network and production data network. How did NNE's manufacturing intelligence consultants help? By building a customizable cloud solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at their device manufacturing facility.

Novo Nordisk D&S needed to increase real-time access to their data and improve data coherence between their existing systems. Unlike their initial solution, which was out of the box and plug and play, AWS has many small individual services or “building blocks”. This makes it perfect for creating a customizable solution for specialized needs.

In November 2019, NNE's AWS consultants built a proof of concept to test which data could be pulled from the customer’s production network and which software should be used to access this data in the cloud. With our unique insight into their IT landscape, NNE worked alongside KeyCore in early 2020 to finish the proof of concept and recreate different dashboards with data pulled from AWS.

Bringing the project to the finish line

With offices closing in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, NNE and Keycore split into smaller groups to pull the system together. In May 2020, NNE took over responsibility from KeyCore for the project implementation and brought in their own project manager to deliver a secure AWS architecture specifically customized to the customer's data and needs by the end of July 2020. Finally, the system was evaluated by its ability to recreate dashboards used previously by Novo Nordisk D&S in the visualization tool Thingworx, provided by Rockwell automation.

NNE's AWS pharma consultants pave the way for Industry 4.0

Novo Nordisk D&S's device manufacturing facility has been selected as a World Economic Forum’s Lighthouse Factory, with NNE’s delivery providing it with the necessary data infrastructure and flow to enable real-time insight into their production.

NNE now has six certified AWS pharma consultants - four AWS Solution Architects and two certified AWS Developers. Our AWS consulting services team will support Novo Nordisk going forward and also work on similar AWS solutions for pharma manufacturers in the future.

Key deliveries:

  • AWS consulting services to create a fully customizable, future proof AWS architecture solution for the Novo Nordisk site
  • Established application programming interfaces (APIs) to get all data from both systems in the right format with the right requests
  • The option to send data to the larger Novo Nordisk data lake from the site
  • Full documentation of everything implemented
  • Ongoing system support


Quick facts


Novo Nordisk



Project duration

11 months

Services provided

Manufacturing intelligence, digitalisation


Amazon Web Services data architecture