NNE is engineering partner on Novo Nordisk’s DKK 17 bn expansion in Kalundborg

Earlier this week Novo Nordisk announced its plans to invest more than DKK 17 bn in the construction of three new manufacturing facilities as well as the expansion of one existing facility at the production site in Kalundborg. NNE is Novo Nordisk's engineering partner from design to construction of this huge expansion, which signifies one of the largest projects in NNE history.

Novo Nordisk’s investment will establish additional capacity across the entire global value chain from manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to assembly and packaging, with the vast majority being invested in API capacity. These expansions will provide capacity for the production of Novo Nordisk’s current and future oral and injectable products. ​The new facilities will be automated and include state-of-the-art production technologies.

NNE has delivered the conceptual and basic design for the expansion of the Kalundborg site and will continue to act as Novo Nordisk’s engineering partner for the coming phases.

One of the largest projects in NNE history

CEO of NNE, Jesper Kløve, is proud that Novo Nordisk has chosen NNE as its engineering partner from design to construction:

“I would like to thank Novo Nordisk for entrusting NNE with the execution of this fantastic project, which is one of the biggest we have executed in NNE history. We will do our utmost to live up to all parameters.

I would like to thank Novo Nordisk for entrusting NNE with the execution of this fantastic project, which is one of the biggest we have executed in NNE history.

Jesper Kløve, CEO, NNE

In the design, we have strived to take into account many different aspects. First and foremost, we wanted to design facilities that are future-proof in terms of current and future demands for pharmaceutical production and filled with the latest technology. At the same time, our focus has been to create an interior that ensures good working conditions in terms of space, flow and light for the employees who will spend their workdays inside the facilities.

Moreover, we have strived to achieve an architectural expression where the buildings look modern, but without drawing too much attention. One of the facilities had to fit in with the existing buildings, while another – the first large building to be established north of the railway – had to fit in with fields, railway and green surroundings.

We have done our absolute best and the future will tell if we achieved what we set out to do.”

Applying virtual reality in all project phases

NNE has been involved in the project from the early design phases and from the beginning has focused on using digital tools to support project execution and decision processes.

Based on the digital 3D design model created for the project, NNE has created a collaborative tool based on virtual reality (VR). This tool allows several users to meet virtually inside the 3D design model, perform design reviews and make decisions together – regardless of where they are located physically. In the up-and-coming construction phase, NNE will also apply augmented reality (AR) technology, making it possible to review the design model onsite through an iPad or smartphone by adding a digital layer of information on to the real world. This allows the team to identify and solve challenges on the spot by simply comparing the digital design model against the true design.

Novo Nordisk CEO, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen and Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, take a tour of the virtual facility area created by NNE in connection with the ground breaking ceremony for the project.

For more information

For general questions about the project, please refer to the press release sent out by Novo Nordisk.


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