Staying up to date on automation technology, tools and trends

At NNE, we have an ambition to grow our business within automation and IT in Central Europe over the coming years. To follow through on that ambition, we put a lot of effort into investigating the best tools and systems within our industry and to stay on top of trends and best practices.

Recently, a group of our automation and IT specialist and senior engineers travelled to Vienna where Siemens’s pharma team has its headquarters. Here, they met with some of Siemens’ leading experts to both build mutual relationships and to take a closer look into systems like COMOS, SIMIT, PCS7, Route Control and Simatic eBR.

This was an amazing opportunity for dedicated people with years of experience to discuss and challenge best practises within design and implementation of process control systems manufacturing execution system solutions in the GMP-regulated pharma industry.

After two days of interesting discussions and demonstrations, Director of Process Automation, Thomas Eriksen, and the rest of the NNE team returned to Denmark taking home the following learnings:

  • The maturity of PCS7 has been improved notable in the last version
  • Route Control challenged our way of thinking application design and structure – we for sure need to get more familiar with the tool.
  • Simatic eBR looks very interesting and seems to support both seamless integration with Siemens’ own system and with reasonable ease with other 3rd part PCS systems
  • SIMIT was the tool that made the biggest impression. And more thoughts and ideas have already been discussed among our specialist and senior engineers
  • When events like this are held we are reminded how important it is to ensure that leading minds meet to seek smarter ways to help our mutual customers in the future.

We will continue the work of looking into how tools and system like the ones above can create more value for the pharma industry.

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Commitment is key

Do you know what it takes to understand and meet the rules and requirements that are in play in the pharma industry? And to succeed with that fast-track project that NNE executes? According to Architect, Mette Marie Hess, it can be summed up in one word: Commitment.