“Effective communication is every project manager’s key asset”

Project management can be quite challenging in a flexible and agile work environment. It requires a broad mix of skills and competencies to deliver projects successfully. Rajesh Mehendiratta shares his thoughts on people and projects through 25 years of managing projects.

What are your current challenges in the role of a project manager?

At NNE, we believe in creating a trust-based relationship with the customer. But this can be quite challenging for a project manager who also has to balance tight deadlines, complex scope definition and high project expectations.

However, I strongly believe that effective communication is every project manager’s key asset. Creating a proper communication flow at every level of project execution can build trust and efficacy in the system. Being receptive and engaging continuously at all levels with the customer helps in nurturing a stronger relationship.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a project manager at NNE so far?

My most rewarding experience as a project manager is the trust and support that I have experienced – not only within the team at NNE but at the customers’ end as well. Our customers recognize the skills and competencies that NNE has in different aspects of project execution. Our customers acknowledge us as an integral part of their growth and mission to bring high quality products to the market. The journey so far has been truly rewarding.

Exceeding customer expectations is our core ambition – how do you achieve it?

I strongly feel that understanding the needs of the customer is of prime importance. This, in my experience, means actively engaging with the customer. Initiate an open communication, be proactive and accountable at every level of the project. The key here is to work with the customer rather than for the customer. That’s how you create success stories.



Rajesh Mehendiratta is a mechanical engineer with specialization in refrigeration and air-conditioning from YMCA University of Science and Technology in India.

  • From 1994-2012, he worked for leading companies and was responsible for project execution and qualification for industrial and pharma projects in India.
  • In 2012, he was hired by NNE as assistant general manager within HVAC and building utilities and was later promoted to senior project manager
  • Rajesh currently manages several biotech projects of different levels for different customers in India

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