Diversity is the key to good quality

Project Quality Manager, Gitte Jensen, has been with us since 2001. She is driven by the dynamic project-based work and continuous learning when solving customers’ ever-changing quality issues.

What is it like to work in quality assurance?

In our fast-moving industry, quality assurance is continuously evolving. I need to constantly stay up-to-date so I can provide the best possible guidance and solutions for our customers.

In my work, I’m involved in everything from greenfield facilities to facilities that have undergone process optimization. Common to all is the need for production equipment and processes to meet the high-quality demands of the authorities and the customer. We need to make sure that we deliver the promised quality on schedule and within budget every time.

All my work is project-based and always done in close cooperation with the customer. I never have two days that are the same. The working environment is very dynamic, and even after 13 years I still feel that I am climbing the learning curve, navigating different projects that challenge me and my team to provide the best quality solutions.

What are the main strengths of the NNE workforce?

The immense diversity of competencies within NNE means that there is always someone who can help you if you face a challenge in a project that requires assistance beyond your own area of expertise. This competency diversity, and the willingness to help each other across departments, is part of the reason that we are able to provide solutions for even the most demanding issues.

I would recommend NNE as a place to work because you get a high degree of responsibility and a great influence on your own development and career path. Working with projects gives you a unique opportunity to work across competencies and gain experience and knowledge beyond the scope of your daily work.

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We're hiring!

We're hiring!

At NNE, we embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to apply for our job openings, no matter who you are or what your background is. In the ever-changing pharma industry, there’s always room for new capabilities and new profiles.

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