A steep learning curve driven by hands-on project work and nonstop support

IT Consultant, Trine Marie Lehd was fresh out of university when she joined NNE. She was up for a challenge and a steep learning curve and found both at NNE. 15 months into her job, she shares what she likes most about working at NNE. 

Trine-Marie-Lehd_IT-Consultant_small.jpgI was a newly graduated engineer, looking for a job. But as a new graduate it is hard to get a company to take a chance on you and let you show what you are capable of, when the safe choice is to pick one with experience. 

Before joining NNE, I had no experience with pharma or how to automate a factory, but I was up for a challenge and a steep learning curve and ready to give it a go. I knew about NNE and had the impression that it was a good company to grow in, so when I saw that they were hiring I gave it a shot and applied and luckily got the job.

A culture of trust and team spirit

My first impression of NNE was that the company is very good at getting new employees in the loop with their onboarding and buddy program. NNE is also good at giving new colleagues a chance to prove their worth and letting them do actual work and not just be a fly on the wall. There is a lot of trust and you know that you always can ask for help.

My favorite moment was when I finished my first project and it was a success. This week, I am travelling to India, which is a big opportunity for me, and I am looking very much forward to it and to meet my Indian colleagues. That is going to be one of my favorite moments, too, I’m sure.

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You’ll never walk alone – or get bored

At NNE, you are never left alone with a massive project – you always have someone to consult with. Even the most experienced colleagues will take the time to answer your “stupid questions”. You have a steep learning curve and two days are never alike.

At the same time, you have the freedom to research how you would solve the given problem. It is not always set in stone from the start. You learn a lot about both pharma, but also project work in general. Overall, I think NNE is a very good workplace with great colleagues and exiting projects.


Educational background:

Eng, Product Development and Innovation
University of Southern Denmark, 2020

Sc. Development and Innovation
University of Southern Denmark, 2018

NNE journey

It Consultant, Manufacturing IT
Jan. 2022 – present

Junior IT Consultant, Manufacturing IT
Jan. 2021 – Jan. 2022

Manufacturing IT at NNE

NNE’s Manufacturing IT department in Denmark comprise about 90 employees who work with consultancy, development, implementation and validation of IT and MES systems for production departments in the pharma and biotech industry.

Join the passion

Are you Trine's new colleague?

Are you Trine's new colleague?

Right now we are looking for system integration engineers to join or Virum and Kalundborg offices. Go to our job openings page to apply. If you don't fit the profile you can always leave us your LinkedIn profile and we'll contact you with relevant openings.

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