Kickstart your manufacturing intelligence journey

Are you struggling to gain deep knowledge of your production through data?

Manufacturing intelligence can help you:

  • Catch the low hanging fruits with minimum costs
  • End your struggles and gain more knowledge about your data
  • Move away from data analysis in Excel and utilize the potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

We will cover this and much more at our upcoming afternoon seminar. At the event, we will share a number of use cases demonstrating how you can achieve cost savings, solve production issues and optimize production processes by analyzing and understanding the data. Our goal is to send you home with a better idea and some tips for how to get started – as cheaply and easily as possible.

Per Bovbjerg and Per Vase from NNE will start the afternoon introducing the building blocks of Manufacturing Intelligence – think big, start small, scale fast. After that our five invited speakers will share – each with their “own” area of expertise within manufacturing intelligence – their experiences from real cases within the pharmaceutical industry. They will talk about how they are using the vast amount of data to find the hidden “gold”, dig into current and future trends and share best practices.

We hope to see you for an inspiring afternoon!

The event is FREE, but there is limited seating, so sign up today. 

See the topics and the presenters


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