Whether your challenge is product quality, operator safety, production capacity or facility design, single-use technology may be your solution. The advantages of single-use systems are numerous, with reductions in investment and variable costs the most commonly cited benefits. However, they represent only one aspect of a strategically important decision in production technology. Single-use technology presents a new set of front-end considerations. These include:

  • process compatibility
  • leachables/extractables
  • film selection
  • back-up supplier
  • waste management.

In addition, your quality assurance system needs to be extended to cover not only raw materials but also production technology. At NNE, we employ a stage gate model to enable you to capture these critical aspects of single-use technology at the right level. In turn, this will benefit your entire facility and all the business processes involved in your manufacturing operations.

Linking technology with strategy

Successful implementation of single-use technology starts with a structured and in-depth evaluation of technologies and their implications for your production processes and costs. Based on a modular engineering approach, we can quickly assess the cost advantages that single-use technology can bring you.

By evaluating process designs in terms of cost – as a function of the percentage of process equipment that is installed as single-use technology – we develop trend curves for cost advantages of single-use technology in a typical bioprocess scope. You can then use the trend curves to quickly forecast the savings for alternative configurations.

We will aid you in evaluating your single-use implementation by

  • Forecasting the savings for alternative single-use technology configurations
  • Doing a 360° evaluation of single-use technology’s impact on:
    • your facility area
    • HVAC
    • process equipment
    • utilities
    • automation costs
  • Conducting workshops to take you through and evaluate all the technology/supplier combinations
  • Testing in a pilot plant scale