Oral solid dosage

NNE helps customers achieve and maintain oral solid dosage (OSD) manufacturing in a changing market. Our services cover the full product lifecycle and focus on helping our customers achieve solid dosage manufacturing, which:

  • Enables cost-effective production
  • Is agile and flexible
  • Complies with all relevant regulatory bodies

With more than 25 years of experience in oral solid dose, NNE has the know-how and resources to help customers meet the challenges of increasing demand and competition for OSD products. Leveraging our experience, we help you optimize productivity and cost-effectiveness by providing engineering and consulting services related to facility, process and automation and IT, including:

  • Flexible multipurpose facility design, including: horizontal and gravity flow concept with closed systems, containment facility concept
  • Technology transfers
  • API containment risk assessment
  • High-potency API containment strategies
  • Containment equipment solutions
  • Achieving the best balance between investment and running costs
  • Increasing capacity and flexibility without disrupting the ongoing production
  • Process mapping
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Product and process optimization and process development
  • Optimization of packaging and logistics
  • Manual or fully automated material handling, including full integration from receiving to shipping area and integration of automated warehouses in the production
  • Optimization of material and personnel flow
  • Transfer of automation strategies, including mapping of production processes and design
  • Protection strategies for operators and environment
  • Continuous manufacturing
  • Chemical synthesis processes

Handling high-potent APIs in OSD manufacturing

Safety and regulatory compliance are key factors when dealing with highly potent APIs and oncological dosage forms. The main challenge lies in protecting production staff and the environment while also protecting the product from contamination.

NNE’s engineers provide expertise within most OSD processes, GMP requirements and high-potency technology. We help you design and construct facilities that produce high-potency OSD APIs in a safe and contained manner that complies with all relevant regulations. We have more than a decade of project experience using radioactivity to detect and treat specific medical conditions with alpha and gamma radiating isotopes.

Automate material handling to optimize OSD processes

The majority of OSD facilities still use manual transfer of product from one process to another – despite the fact that production equipment in this area is some of the most advanced in any industry. Automating product and material handling within the facility means:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Fewer risks while handling and transferring high potent API drugs within facility
  • Improved manufacturing cost efficiency
  • Less downtime – continuous production
  • Elimination of process steps that add no value

To achieve automated transportation, NNE works with you to map your facility’s production processes and design. We identify the areas that will benefit most from transfer automation. These may be automating bin handling in non-classified areas when using gravity feed for non-potent products, or automating dosing of main ingredients in continuous or semi-continuous process equipment. By understanding your options and using production simulations to see results, together we develop an action plan to optimize your oral solid dose production.

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Meet the expert

Meet the expert

Meet Oliver Gottlieb, our industry expert in front end and process engineering, small molecules, oral solid dosage (OSD), containment and API.

Oliver Gottlieb
Fast-track completion of OSD containment plant

Fast-track completion of OSD containment plant

With focus on multi-party coordination, GMP compliance and fast-track execution, NNE supported Novo Nordisk with design and start-up of launch plant for new oral solid dosage product.

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