Front-end decision design

At NNE, we enable you to take critical business and design decisions in the initial stages of your investment project. We do this by:

  • Understanding your challenge and translating your needs into decisions and design solutions
  • Breaking down complexity to create overview and transparency
  • Providing clarity and setting direction at early stage to unlock business value

We provide you with a tailored solution which addresses your pains  and identifies your opportuninites, applying an agile combination of design and engineering. We explore feasible options, using a one-team and integrated customer approach.

Creating a solid basis for decision and basis for design

Our decision design approach aims to unlock the value and potential in your project by creating a solid basis for decision and basis for design. We provide focused and lean consultancy based on:

  • Individual customer focus to scope services to support your unique business challenges
  • Co‐creation or gate‐driven execution approach, depending on your situation
  • Transparency in the decision process by integrating a one-team approach focused at developing the design progressively, giving early price indicationsand testing it with you as customer
  • Specialized pharma experience as benchmark for solutions and alternatives and design optimizations and cost efficiency
  • Outside perspectives to ensure basis for decision is based on latest industry benchmark
  • Agility and flexibility in workshop and meeting settings to suit individual customer needs, i.e.
    - workshops can be on site (yours or ours) or virtual/remote
    - workshops can be spread out over several weeks or accumulated in i.e.1-5 day design sprints
    - workshops can range from a few hours to full days

Our front-end services can range from feasibility studies developed over a few weeks to conceptual designs developed and refined over several months. Here’s what two of our customers said after working with us:

It was clear that the approach was very effective. We achieved a lot in two weeks and it exceeded my expectations."

The co-creation workshop format NNE used was very engaging, practical and visual. It was clear to everybody what the intention and desired outcome was - including benchmarking with our defined business drivers.”

You can dig into some of our recent cases below.

Setting the right team for the right challenge

Every customer and their challenges are unique. Therefore, when you work with us, we will set a dedicated front‐end team to fit your individual needs and specific situation. Each team combines:

  • An experienced front‐end lead, heading the team
  • Relevant subject matter experts who bring in-depth expertise to the table
  • Designers and engineers from relevant disciplines

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Are you planning a new project and need help to create a basis for design or basis for decision? Reach out to NNE and let us discuss how we can help you.

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