NNE Pharmaplan brings a global engineering team into play for Novo Nordisk’s new DKK 2.1 billion facility

NNE Pharmaplan will integrate the latest technology to ensure agile operations for Novo Nordisk at their new insulin filling facility in Hillerød, Denmark.

Novo Nordisk’s new insulin filling facility in Hillerød, Denmark is extensive in both size and budget. The diabetes and obesity treatment facility uses the latest production technology and covers 10,300 m² with an investment of DKK 2.1 billion. NNE Pharmaplan is supporting Novo Nordisk in all phases of the project towards a fully operational facility in 2019.

It has been over a decade since NNE Pharmaplan had a project of this magnitude in Denmark. In fact, no project to date has matched this endeavour in both size and variation of processes.

NNE Pharmaplan expects to have on average 80 pharma engineers supporting the project for the next 2.5 years. The team will consist of engineers from Denmark, Germany, China and India. The work will be executed partly in Denmark and partly as work-sharing.

Our organisation is at its strongest when we activate our global best practice by engaging our talented international colleagues,” NNE Pharmaplan General Manager Bo Nagel-Harvig says. “With a competent, international team coupled with a strong local presence, we will help Novo Nordisk deliver on demand by establishing this fantastic facility.

Novo Nordisk is taking advantage of NNE Pharmaplan’s global expertise for the design and implementation of the innovative technology within the facility.
NNE Pharmaplan project director Torben Kløvborg-Laustsen who is heading the project for NNE Pharmaplan elaborates:

For me and the team of engineers, building a new facility for a company like Novo Nordisk is something of a dream. Especially in a case like this where we are integrating the latest technology to ensure agile operations for Novo Nordisk. It is unique that we cover all of these technical disciplines and can utilise global technology experts with experience from other pharmaceutical companies. Very few of our competitors can match this.