NNE Pharmaplan delivers another solid result

With a turnover of DKK 2.4 billion, an operating profit of DKK 203 million and an operating profit margin of 8.4%, the international pharma engineering company came out of 2016 with a very strong performance, also in the international subsidiaries.

NNE, owned by Novo Nordisk A/S and known formally as NNE Pharmaplan until February 2017, delivered a highly satisfactory financial performance, exceeding the expectations for the year. CEO Jesper Kløve looks back on a very successful year for NNE:

We delivered an operating profit that was nearly twice as high as our 2015 result. The result is driven by strong performance in all our geographical business units, however compared to previous years especially US, China and Germany have delivered a strong performance. Additionally, we successfully executed a number of large projects for our customers,” says Jesper Kløve and continues:

This past year was not only a financially strong year for NNE. In 2016, we demonstrated our position as a global leader within pharma engineering, by performing above expectations on all strategic goals; including our goals for customer satisfaction and our employees’ engagement and loyalty.

In 2017, NNE will continue to build on the successful strategic foundation established in recent years by delivering focused engineering services to its customers in the pharmaceutical industry, which include the majority of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

As a result of our dedication to pharma engineering, we are able to focus strongly and specifically on the issues and technologies that are most important for pharmaceutical companies. In this highly regulated industry, we offer an advantage for our customers by activating our unique global industry expertise in order to help solving their most complex challenges,” says Jesper Kløve.

The outlook for 2017 looks promising, but NNE expects it is unlikely to reach the same record-breaking level of financial performance as in 2016.

Financially, we enter the year with a solid backlog, and expect to continue the strong financial performance in 2017, though at a lower level compared to 2016. We see increased competition in our key markets and will have to sharpen our competitive edge even further,” Jesper Kløve explains.


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