Record year for NNE Pharmaplan

2015 was the best year to date for the engineering consultancy company NNE Pharmaplan. With a turnover of a little above DKK 2 billion, an operating profit of DKK 109 million and an operating profit margin of 5.3%, the company strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading engineering consultancy companies within the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite intensified competition in NNE Pharmaplan’s international key markets, the company delivered an increase in turnover of 11% in 2015. Jesper Kløve, who took up the position of CEO in September 2015, looks back on a successful year:

I am very proud of the result we were able to deliver in 2015, especially taking the tough competition within the industry into account. The result was achieved based on some large, successful projects for our strategic customers but also on the increased strategic direction the company launched in 2015,” says Jesper Kløve and continues:

We launched a revised strategy that focuses even more on what we do best – pharma engineering. We have sharpened our market focus further and are investing in strengthening our core competencies and our ability to share our knowledge and experience with technical solutions globally. Along with making improvements, we have also focused on the most comprehensive investment in competency development in the history of NNE Pharmaplan. This is a crucial aspect in helping our customers solve their challenges in a complex and regulated pharmaceutical industry which is undergoing considerable changes these years.

According to Jesper Kløve, the intensified focus is expected to bring about even better results in 2016 when NNE Pharmaplan will increase its efforts in securing the company’s customers future-proof and flexible solutions in accordance with current regulatory requirements for production of medicinal products. “We started 2016 with the best order portfolio to date. We thus have a clear expectation of improving our financial result compared to 2015 and the key to this is our unique knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, our good customer relationships and our ability to solve the most complex tasks,” says Jesper Kløve.


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