NNE delivers satisfactory 2017 performance

With a turnover of DKK 2.2 billion, an operating profit of DKK 136 million and an operating profit margin of 6%, the international pharma engineering company came out of 2017 with a satisfactory result.

NNE, owned by Novo Nordisk, delivered a financial performance that is the second best in the history of the company – only surpassed by the record year in 2016. The CEO Jesper Kløve looks back on another successful year for NNE:

The operating profit margin of 6% is on par with or better than our peers, and the second best in the history of the company. The result is driven by the great efforts of our skilled employees and particularly strong performances in Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and India,” says Kløve.

In 2017, NNE continued to execute on the strategy launched in 2015: delivering focused pharma engineering to their customers, who are leading global pharmaceutical companies. NNE continued to strengthen their competencies and activate their global industry expertise and best practice to the benefit of customers across the world.

According to Kløve, the outlook for 2018 looks promising. NNE is entering the year with a solid pipeline and a strong backlog, especially in Europe.

Financially, we expect our performance in 2018 to be on par with 2017. We will continue to build on the successful foundation we have established over the last three years and our strategic focus and goals remain unchanged,” Kløve explains.

NNE also kick-started the year by moving to a new, modern head office in Virum, which has been rebuilt to reflect NNE’s identity and support a dynamic work environment:

I’m very pleased with our new head office. The office really reflects our identity and focus on pharma engineering. It supports our daily work in projects and encourages us to share knowledge and collaborate even more across functions, projects and geographical borders. For instance, we have one building dedicated to hosting the teams working on our customer projects. It’s a big, open building that we continously can alter to meet an innovative and agile project environment,“ says Kløve.


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