Parizad Shojaee Nasirabadi


Parizad has a MSc in Chemical engineering and a PhD in Mechanical engineering. She has been working on process optimization projects using different kind of numerical modelling methods since 2011, when she designed and built a pilot membrane water treatment system for her master thesis. Studying and working in different countries with international collaborators has equipped her with great interpersonal skills. 

Expert in:

  • Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt)
  • DMAIC project management
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Design of experiments (DoE)
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Measurement Systems

What's your view on the industry?

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are directly affecting the quality of life for many people. Implementing and accelerating the operational excellence with data-driven decisions in development and manufacturing is a way to secure better quality in a shorter time.

Why do you work in this business?

I am passionate about using data to provide high-quality and innovative solutions, especially where I can make an effective difference.