Partnership with Engineers without Borders Denmark

NNE is a Premium Member of Engineers without Borders Denmark, enabling us and you to help better the living conditions for some of the poorest communities in the world. To kick-start our cooperation with EWB, NNE donated a lump sum of DKK 200,000.

Together with other donors, our donation could support installing a water well and solar-powered pumps at primary schools in Zimbabwe to better the conditions for the children. It could also help the renovation of rural health clinics in Sierra Leone with insufficient or dysfunctional sanitation and energy facilities to secure better treatment and hygienic conditions. The projects are diverse, but common for them all is their importance.

We are very proud of our upcoming collaboration with Engineers Without Borders and for becoming a part of life-changing projects in communities worldwide. As our core competencies lie within engineering knowledge, we believe it's a perfect match for us to support this organization and the technical-humanitarian projects they facilitate so that we, together with other donors, can make a difference and better the future of local communities around the world.

Read more about EWB Denmark and their work.