Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen

Director - Architecture, laboratories & logistics

"Constant development in research methods and lab equipment means that we have to design facilities that can contain tomorrow’s challenges and fulfil the requirements of the future."

Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen has more than a decade of experience within research facility planning, as an architect, engineering manager and business developer.

Flemming is a specialist within laboratories and vivariums, and a regular speaker at conferences and symposiums. He has worked on numerous projects in the life science industry, focusing particularly on functionality as the main design driver, interdisciplinary project design and execution.

Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen qualified as a Constructing Architect in 1998 from the Copenhagen Technical College, and has acted as a consultant during initial project phases, including goal-setting, user involvement processes and programming. He is also a highly qualified engineering manager and interdisciplinary coordinator during design and construction.

The battle between generic and specialised facilities requires our design approach to be driven by functionality.

Flemming Kjærgaard Nielsen

What’s your view on the industry?

"Private companies are investing heavily in new facilities or upgrading their existing research and development facilities with the goal of optimising operations or attracting top international researchers.

R&D activities are no longer performed by individuals in old-fashioned laboratories, but as a social activity where interdisciplinary teams meet, interact and innovate in open and transparent facilities.

The battle between generic and specialised facilities requires that our design approach is driven by functionality, and that function dictates form. We firmly believe that our interdisciplinary approach, with architects and engineers working closely together, is the approach needed to create the R&D facilities of the future.”

Why do you work in the industry?

“Working with the planning and design of R&D facilities gives me the opportunity to witness how new discoveries develop into products or opportunities for the life science industry.

Constant development in research methods or laboratory equipment means that we have to design facilities that can contain tomorrow’s challenges and fulfil the requirements of the future. At NNE, we design facilities globally with a wide range of customers, all with new challenges and issues. We are the difference between project failure and success.

Each and every new project has its own specific targets and challenges. For me personally, these diversified assignments continuously motivate me to develop innovative and inspiring solutions, with the aim of creating a long term partnership with our customers that goes beyond the project duration."

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Expert in:

  • Programming, planning and facility design of:
  • laboratories,
  • vivariums,
  • large animal facilities.
  • Interdisciplinary biocontainment
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) facility design

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