Our device concepts

NNE is constantly developing new technology concepts that are designed to be customised to your needs and future drug pipeline demands, which entails:

  • More home care use, simple and reliable to operate
  • High-volume injectables, e.g., 35 ml
  • High viscosities, up to 100 cP

Our on-body technology (pictured above) is one of these concepts and has the following characteristics;

  • Fully customisable form factor and design attributes to meet patient needs
  • Cartridge-based primary container - proven primary container technology, readily fillable with nearly zero air volume; also compatible with syringe and polymer primary containers
  • Easily scalable mechanical “motor-module” for wide range of dosage durations, volumes and viscosities e.g.: (durations ranging from 1 min to 48 hours, volumes ranging from 0.5 ml to 30 ml, viscosities ranging from 1 - 100 cP)
  • No electronic parts for simpler lifecycle and regulatory management. However, electronics can be added if desired
  • Fully capable of being stored in cold chain conditions for years without compromising operational function
  • Can be either disposable or reusable

Plunger and primary container development
NNE owns mould and plunger design at West with proven functionality for 5 and 10 ml cartridges.