Walk the talk

Project Manager Wolfgang Bönisch shares the importance to walk the talk when leading projects and teams.

What do you find interesting about being a project manager?

What piques my interest most is the actual act of fulfilling an assignment. It is challenging but satisfying. As a Project Manager, you are assigned to lead a project and you are trusted by both the customer and NNE. I have contact with the customer daily. We work with the intention of being as close the customer as possible. Our customers seek this out and we offer it for all projects.

It is also critical to be profoundly organised and plan-oriented. This includes cost and schedule monitoring is the basis of each successful project. There are a lot of additional important tasks a Project Manager must handle every day. To be able to handle these additional tasks, the project must be planned before execution with the team.

What are the most important skills a project manager should have?

I believe there are three important elements:

  • Communication. There are a lot of important skills you must have but if communication is not one of them, your work will be useless. Proper communication will provide the right level of details, on time and for the right stakeholders. Always transfer information from the customer to the team. Be sure to differentiate between ideas and decisions.


  • Know your team. Think of your customer but don’t forget your own colleagues! You are not able to complete a project on your own. I always build a strong a powerful team around myself.


  • Walk the talk. Be passionate and keep your team motivated; this will lead to success

One challenge to be aware of is that very often you will be asked to start the project as fast as possible. The customer is waiting to discuss the process and the layout. The greatest challenge is to find the time for planning the project before execution. It’s easy to skip when you don’t have the time but the consequences can be disastrous.

NNE is successful in doing business, but one of our highest qualities is our culture. There is unique atmosphere, sense of camaraderie and a familiar spirit. We spend a lot of time together in the office and fun activities after work. It’s unique and enjoyable.



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