The ambitious quality manager

In her nine years with NNE, Lily Zhang has helped some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies on quality-related issues. What motivates her most? Finding new challenges and the satisfaction of a successfully completed project.

When asked which was her favourite project in her time at NNE, Lily Zhang has difficulty choosing one: "All of them are my babies,” she says with a laugh and adds, "it all depends on which phase of the project you are involved with. When you are in the early phase, you have influence on the design or the process, which is very interesting. Later on, when you work with commissioning and qualification and the first batch finishes – that is a really good feeling.”

Lily Zhang explains that she finds routine work tiring and in her experience, working for a pharmaceutical company rather than a consultancy involves a lot of routine work. What makes her excited about her job - and part of the reason she has been with NNE for nine years - is that she has been able to keep finding new challenges. Working with projects allows her to achieve measureable goals: “There is great satisfaction in knowing that I helped make a facility that will benefit a lot of people.”

Besides the many projects for global customers in China, the quality manager has also been involved in several international collaborations.

There is great satisfaction in knowing that I helped make a facility that will benefit a lot of people.

Lily Zhang

Lily Zhang was responsible for the preparation of the quality action plan for the biggest offshoring project in our company history when modules for a facility were shipped from China to the US. Lily has also spent several months working for one of NNE’s customers in Denmark.

And the international aspect of the pharmaceutical industry is something that the ambitious quality manager wishes to explore further in her future career, but whether it will be in a consultant or management role, time will tell: “Those are different types of achievements and so far I have enjoyed both elements.”


  • Lily Zhang is quality manager and based in Tianjin
  • She joined NNE in 2005
  • Holds a B.Sc. in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Previous experience from Baxter
  • In charge of internal quality audits and quality system reports for Region Asia

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