Passion for pharma

Meet Philipp Eberhardst, specialist in biopharmaceutical products in Switzerland, who finds the international environment at NNE both challenging and incredibly satisfying.

How did you get involved with NNE?

Before I started working at NNE in 2009, I was involved with several companies and fields of engineering. After school, I worked as a mechanic in the automotive industry. But while studying, I discovered my passion for pharma. After some reflection, I decided to combine my skills in mechanical engineering and my love of life sciences by pursuing biotechnology. I utilise both at NNE, where I work with biopharmaceutical products, predominantly monoclonal antibodies and vaccines.

This field is filled with thrilling work. Biopharmaceutical products are extremely innovative and are becoming invaluable in this age of cutting-edge processes and new technologies. It is interesting to work with various projects, such as consultancy services, revamping of existing facilities and building greenfield facilities. Furthermore, it is fascinating to observe the growth of a project beginning as a white piece of paper in conceptual design, grew into a facility and finally, with equipment installation, your vision comes to life.

It has been a pleasure to experience the international environment of the pharmaceutical business. People from many different cultures work together and it can be a challenge to learn everyone’s working style and processes. That being said, it is a great satisfaction when you can coordinate across cultures.

What is important when working as a specialist in pharma engineering?

Proper communication with colleagues is essential, but with NNE, it is critical to understand the customer’s situation and needs as well. When we execute projects, we don’t use a cut-and-dry standard response, nor can we simply pull a rabbit out of a hat. We must actively listen to the customer and work accordingly. This combination of truly listening and our combined experience can develop the best solution for the customer.

My greatest success here at NNE was the revamp of a pilot plant for vaccines that was executed under a very demanding schedule. The plant was made for a seasonal product and if it was a failure, the customer would have lost a full year of production and profit. Everyone on my team was extremely motivated and with fluid coordination and effort, we completed the project on time. It was impressive to our customer and a rewarding experience for us.



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We're hiring!

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