”Opportunities that I couldn’t find anywhere else”

For quality engineer Anne-Marie Marquez, joining NNE gave her the chance to take her career in the direction she wanted. First stop: Denmark, to get experience with API production.

In October, Anne-Marie Marquez and four of her colleagues from the US landed in Denmark to work on the Novo Nordisk site in Kalundborg for one year. To Anne-Marie, the opportunity is a perfect way to gain global experience and learn more about API production:

“I was very excited to hear about the programme as I have always wanted global experience, and besides being a good resume builder, it is also very helpful in our industry. It is easy to stay in the US because there are so many big companies, but the industry is becoming increasingly global and cultural awareness and understanding is very important,” she says.

The year in Kalundborg is not only a cultural experience, but something that Anne-Marie Marquez expects will strengthen her pharma engineering expertise significantly: “Since my background is with live virus vaccines where the processes are aseptic and without any purification, I really look forward to more experience with API.”

Especially the field of chromatography – methods of separating a mixture – is something that she wants to work with: “It is a tiny detail, but such an interesting field,” she says and adds: “That is really why I came to NNE. I explained that I wanted to do this, this and this and those are all things that I will be working with. My managers really care what I plan to do six months or even five years from now and they are able to fit me in to meet my goals, since there is always a new project to be part of.”

Helping people through engineering

The project culture of a consultancy company such as NNE means that she will get the chance to see a lot by working with different clients in a shorter period of time as opposed to working for a pharmaceutical company as she did previously.

Anne-Marie Marquez has aspired to work in the life science industry ever since she was little:
“Both my parents worked in healthcare and I originally wanted to be a doctor, until I realised I wasn’t very good with blood,” she says with a laugh. She explains that her math and science skills instead lead her to biology and eventually a degree in chemical engineering, driven by a desire to build and create and help people.

Together with her four colleagues, she is now getting settled and adjusting to life in Denmark and Kalundborg, where they live downtown. An element of Danish life that they are getting used to is bike culture: “In the US, we all used to drive our cars to work, but here, we bike to work everyday.”

Anne-Marie is also finding Google Translate very helpful, but aims to learn the local language and has already picked up some very handy phrases such as: “Jeg er vegetar, men jeg spiser fisk” (I’m a vegetarian but I do eat fish).

The five Americans will be joined by three more colleagues on 1 December.


  • Anne-Marie Marquez joined NNE in 2014
  • Has previously worked for Merck
  • Holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa



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