Moving on to new challenges

After almost 10 years with NNE in Tianjin, Tong Ling took a step forward in her career journey. In this article, the senior manager for Process & Automation in Shanghai shares the ambitions she has in her new role.

Taking on her new role is a challenge for Tong Ling, but a challenge she is ready to meet: “This is a great chance for me to open my eyes and an opportunity to develop. It was a tough decision, but I think it is going to be a good experience.”

There are many aspects to the challenge, from the professional ones such as working with new customers and managing a new department, to the more personal ones such as finding an apartment in Shanghai and missing her family who will stay in Tianjin. Taking on the new role means saying goodbye to the stability that she has always had:

“I have probably been too stable. I studied in Tianjin and joined the Tianjin office as my first job. The market in Shanghai is much less stable than in Tianjin where we have our parent company, Novo Nordisk. It is a big international city with more competitors and a different culture,” she explains, “That is an attractive aspect for me because the harder the goal, the better you feel when you achieve it.”

New faces, new customers

Right now the senior manager is still in the onboarding process of getting to know all the new faces, remembering employee initials and learning about everyone’s strengths, and setting targets for the coming year. With her experience from Tianjin, she aims to share her knowledge of the NNE culture to the Shanghai office:

“My goal is to help everyone improve their confidence and to create a great atmosphere. With my network in Tianjin, I also think I can boost the collaboration between the two offices, so we can utilise the resources in the best possible way.”

Tong Ling also looks forward to interacting with the strategic customers in the Shanghai area: “I want to do more customer visits to see if there is any potential business for us. That part is easier for me to do now that I manage the resources.”

Agile design and mindset

For the senior manager, agility will be a keyword in the coming time: “From a technical point of view, our design should be flexible and agile and we want our solutions to also meet the future demands.”

This is a great chance for me to open my eyes and an opportunity to develop.

Tong Ling

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We're hiring!

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