Medical device expertise and a global outlook

NNE helps customers on medical device projects all over the world. Meet two medical device engineers from Denmark who spent 18 months working on a project in San Francisco.

With Mads Morning Pedersen and Jakob Halkjaer Pedersen’s experience from various device or drug delivery projects for NNE’s customers in Denmark, they had a lot to offer to the customer and the project team they were assigned to. The project for a global pharmaceutical company in San Francisco consisted of transferring the production of a drug delivery device with a need for reengineering some of the parts. Over the course of their stay, they could make a big impact in their respective areas.

One of Jakob’s most important tasks was to create the design history file and establish a system to handle the information. He also assisted in establishing good practices in other areas: “I developed a method for root cause analysis for errors in design verification testing, which was presented to the entire device team and got a lot of positive feedback,” he explains.

Mads was responsible for the assembly package and together with a QA, he also he worked with the qualification and validation of the equipment:

“It was great to realise that the experience I have from working in Denmark can also be really useful and valuable in an international project,” he says.

Making a difference

Towards the end of the project, both they and a third NNE colleague, Daniel Rojecki, received a lot of praise for the performance by the customer:

“When the product was launched in September, our project manager gathered the group and thanked us for the work we had done and highlighted the big difference that we three guys from NNE had made. He said that he had never worked on a project with such high quality,” Mads recalls.

Jakob returned to Denmark this summer while Mads half a year later said goodbye to the California sunshine and hello to the dark and gray winter of Denmark. Both of them, however, are happy to be back with their old colleagues and are already in full swing with new projects:

“It was very exciting. I gained experience with a new part of device development, and I got to work for a new customer and see how things are done outside of Denmark. I also learned a lot from working in a diverse environment with colleagues from all over the world,” Jakob says.

Both Mads and Jakob strongly encourage colleagues with a desire to work abroad to go for it:

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who say they would like to do it, but hesitate,” says Jakob. Mads agrees: “Of course, there are many practicalities to take care of, but I definitely recommend it.”


It was great to realise that the experience I have from working in Denmark can also be really useful and valuable in an international project

Mads Morning Pedersen

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